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Speaker Service

Speaker Service

The Institute regularly communicates information on business ethics and related topics through public speaking engagements. Institute staff has delivered speeches on such topics as “Beyond Borders: How to Navigate Ethical Challenges Around the World,” “How to Globalize a Corporate Responsibility Program”, “International Business Ethics: Towards Chaos or Convergence?”, “Chinese Business Practices”, and “The Role of Human Resources in Business Ethics”.

Speeches have been delivered at universities and at the most important business ethics conferences in Asia Pacific, East and West Europe, Latin and North America sponsored by organizations including the Ethics and Compliance Officers Association, the Conference Board, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, the Wharton School of Business and Columbia University. Please contact us for further information on our Speakers.


I want to thank you for talking to our group about how ethics can make an important difference in day to day business.  Of the many programs this group has heard, this one was among the best. Your talk was engaging and entertaining, and got our members thinking outside their comfort zones.  I received compliments for arranging this presentation but of course the credit belongs entirely to you.

Thomas Valleau
Executive Director
North Atlantic Ports Association Inc.