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Global Ethics Training

Global Ethics Training

The International Business Ethics Institute’s approach to global ethics training is encompassed in the following guiding principles. The Institute believes that ethics and compliance training should be:

  • Tailored to address the actual needs of individuals and the organization, and tailored to unique cultural dynamics in different regions.
  • Designed to provide experiential learning in which participants are able to practice applying knowledge and honing skills in a realistic yet non-threatening environment.
  • Evaluated for effectiveness and revised until it fulfills its desired objectives.
  • Designed to support and advance the strategic vision, mission, goals, and objectives of the organization.

When designing global training on business ethics, multinational organizations need to consider business environments, regional issues, cultural attitudes, and historical contexts.  The importance of tailoring training to the different regions of the world cannot be understated.  Training materials should be adapted for use in every region to ensure that the training is as relevant as possible to participants. Tailoring the message will help make the content more relevant to employees and facilitate employee buy-in.

IBEI has conducted ethics training in over 60 countries on virtually every contintent.  Our staff and facilitators are collectively fluent in a number of world languages including Cantonese, French, German, Japanese, Mandarin, Portuguese,  and Spanish, among others.

General information on developing global ethics training is available in our publications sections.  For further information about IBEI’s training capabilities, please contact us.