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Codes of Ethics

Codes of Ethics

Since our founding in 1994, the International Business Ethics Institute has worked extensively on codes for multinational organizations, and the Institute’s staff has amassed great knowledge and experience on developing and implementing global codes. The Institute has conducted hundreds of focus groups with thousands of employees worldwide focused specifically on building effective codes of ethics at international companies.

There are a number of ways the Institute can assist organizations with the development of a global code of business conduct:

  • The Institute can function as a full partner in the code development process, shepherding the organization through the process of initial code development or extensive updating of an existing code.
  • The Institute can provide formal or informal reviews of existing or draft codes, highlighting areas requiring additional attention, or areas that are problematic from an international perspective.
  • The Institute has published Reflecting an International Workface: A Comprehensive Guide to Developing a Global Business Conduct Program, which includes detailed treatment of codes of conduct, including sample language for key provisions.  To order a copy of the publication, please click here.

Please also check the publications section of our website to find articles on developing effective global codes of conduct.