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A global ethics assessment or ‘sensing,’ is a detailed snapshot of the company’s ethical climate and highlights key issues facing the organization.  A sensing, vital to the success of an organizational ethics program,  provides key information for program development and serves as a benchmark to measure the effectiveness of ethics initiatives.

While the specific objectives of the sensing will be based on the unique needs of the organization, a number of possible ojectives include:

  • Evaluating the effectiveness of the overall ethics program, as well as the adequacy of specific program elements.
  • Determining internal (and potentially external) perceptions of the program.
  • Providing a roadmap for further actions.
  • Reducing global ethical challenges and mitigating risk.
  • Enhancing global employee interest in the ethics program through the involvement of the global workforce.

It is recommended that the global sensing be as comprehensive as possible.  We suggest that the process include the following elements:

  1. Global survey,
  2. Focus groups in selected locations worldwide, and
  3. Interviews with key personnel.

Conducting such assessments on a global basis can present numerous challenges such as cross-cultural conflicts, substandard translations, and technology limitations.  The Institute can help your organization effectively manage these challenges and create a sensing that is truly reflective of your global population.  Please contact us for further information.