The International Business Ethics Institute (IBEI) is a non-profit educational organization that was founded in 1994 in response to the growing need for transnationalism in the field of organizational ethics and integrity. IBEI was the first organization devoted to helping organizations develop truly global ethics and integrity programs.

As a pioneer in international organizational ethics, IBEI has shaped the dialogue on international ethics for almost 20 years. IBEI:

  • Specializes in global organizational integrity and ethics programs.
  • Helps multinational organizations to look beyond national boundaries when considering questions of integrity, ethics, and responsibility.
  • Assists international organizations in clarifying definitions of integrity that transcend geographical and cultural borders.

Since its founding, IBEI has worked extensively on developing global ethics programs, including conducting global ethics assessments and sensings. IBEI has assisted numerous corporations in drafting, revising, and implementing effective global codes. IBEI is also the premiere provider of ethics training to multicultural and multilingual audiences, and has delivered training in over 60 countries on virtually every continent.

IBEI is headquartered  in Washington, D.C. and maintains a partnership with the Institute of Business Ethics in London.  IBEI also has an international network of Senior Consultants and Facilitators in Europe, Asia, and Latin America that deliver ethics workshops in a variety of languages.

In addition to professional services, IBEI maintains a public education program that aims to foster constructive dialogue on global organizational ethics practices. IBEI also completes special interest publications. One of our most popular, Reflecting an International Workforce: The Comprehensive Guide to Developing an Effective Global Business Conduct Program, deals specifically with the challenges of ethics communication and training in multicultural and multilingual environments.