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Association for Practical and Professional Ethics (United States: Indiana University)
The Association for Practical and Professional Ethics is committed to encouraging high quality interdisciplinary scholarship and teaching in practical and professional ethics by educators and practitioners who appreciate the theoretical and practical impacts of their subjects.

Australian Business Ethics Network (Australia: RMIT University)
The Australian Business Ethics Network has been established to promote ethical practices in business, advocate the need for ethics as part of business courses and to provide a forum for ethicists to discuss and exchange ideas on teaching, training and consulting in the field of business ethics.

Information about BellSouth’s business ethics programs.

Business Ethics Magazine (United States)
The mission of Business Ethics is to promote ethical business practices, to serve that growing community of professionals striving to live and work in responsible ways, and to help create financially healthy companies in the process.

Business for Social Responsibility (United States)
Business for Social Responsibility (BSR) is a global organization that helps member companies achieve success in ways that respect ethical values, people, communities and the environment.

Caux Round Table (United States)
The Caux Round Table is a global network of senior business leaders committed to principled business leadership, who believe that business has a crucial role in developing and promoting equitable solutions to key global issues. Its mission is to advocate implementation of the Caux Round Table Principles for Business through which sustainable and socially responsible prosperity can emerge as the foundation for a fair, free and transparent society.

Center for Applied Ethics (Canada: University of British Columbia)
It is primarily an interdisciplinary research centre which studies a diverse range of topics, including health care practices, business and professional procedures, new information technologies and environmental issues.

Center for Business Ethics (United States: Bentley College)
The Center for Business Ethics is dedicated to promoting ethical business conduct in contemporary society. With a vast network of practitioners and scholars, and an expansive multimedia library, the center provides an international forum for benchmarking and research in business ethics. The center helps corporations and other organizations strengthen their ethical cultures through educational programming and consulting.

Center for Business Ethics (United States: University of Saint Thomas)
The Center for Business Ethics (CBES) at University of St. Thomas works for the corporate community to help business people and others make good choices that will benefit themselves, their businesses, and their community.  The Center offers corporate governance training programs, conferences on business ethics, public lectures and an online journal of ethics.

Center for Ethical Business Cultures (United States)
The Center for Ethical Business Cultures (CEBC) assists leaders in creating ethical and profitable business cultures at the enterprise, community and global levels.

Center for Ethics in Business (United States: Loyola Marymount University)
The Center for Ethics and Business at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles aims to provide an environment for discussing issues related to the necessity, difficulty, costs and rewards of conducting business ethically.

Cercle européen des déontologues (France) – Site in French only.
The Cercle européen des déontologues is an autonomous group at the heart of the Cercle d’Éthique des Affaires. Le CED unites those responsible for ethics in business, as well as experts, researchers and instructors concerned with promoting professional ethics.

Corporate Governance (United States)
Corporate Governance serves as a discussion forum and NETwork for shareholders and stakeholders who believe active participation by concerned shareholders in governing corporations will enhance their ability to create wealth.

Corporate Social Responsibility Europe (Belgium)
CSR Europe is the business-to-business network for Corporate Social Responsibility in Europe. We are a membership-based organisation. Our mission is to help companies achieve profitability, sustainable growth and human progress by placing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the mainstream of business practice.

Emerson Ethics Center (United States: John Cook School of Business, Saint Louis University)
The Emerson Ethics Center at St. Louis University aims to empower leaders with solid values to make positive contributions to society through research, discourse, and knowledge sharing on ethics issues to advance principles driven decision-making.

Ethics Institute of South Africa (South Africa)
Our aim is to serve as a resource for the advancement of ethics in professional life, business practices, and public policy in South Africa.

Ethics Officer Association (United States)
The Ethics Officer Association (EOA) is the professional association exclusively for managers of ethics, compliance and business conduct programs.

European Business Ethics Network (The Netherlands)
Our role is to promote values-based and ethical aware management, and to stimulate and facilitate meetings of minds, discussion and debate on common ethical problems an dilemmas.

Federal Sentencing Guidelines (United States)
For information about the Federal Sentencing Guidelines of the U.S. Sentencing Commission.

Georgetown Business Ethics Institute
The Georgetown Business Ethics Institute was established to foster the creation and dissemination of significant conceptual, empirical and applied knowledge in business ethics. The research results of its members and associates are disseminated in places of national and international repute. The practical implications, methods, and techniques that derive from these research results are used to advance the ethical understanding and activities of students and practitioners in the realm of business, at the local, national and international levels.

Government Accountability Project (United States)
The mission of the Government Accountability Project is to protect the public interest and promote government and corporate accountability by advancing occupational free speech, defending whistleblowers and empowering citizen activists. We also advise public agencies and legislative bodies about management policies and practices that help government deal more effectively with substantive information and concerns, while protecting the jobs and identities of those who provide this critical information.

Gulf Center for Excellence in Ethics (United Arab Emirates)
The Gulf Center for Excellence in Ethics (“GCEE”) is a full service ethics resource centre offering world class organizational ethics services to meet the needs and expectations of governmental and business organizations in the Gulf Region.

Hong Kong Ethics Development Centre (Hong Kong) – Site in Chinese and English
The mission of the Hong Kong Ethics Development Centre is to foster business and related ethics in Hong Kong on a long-term basis and to harness support from the business community for this cause.

Information about IBM’s business ethics programs.

Independent Commission Against Corruption (Hong Kong) – Site in Chinese and English
With the community, the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) is committed to fighting corruption through effective law enforcement, education and prevention to help keep Hong Kong fair, just, stable and prosperous.

Institute for Global Ethics (International)
The Institute for Global Ethics’ mission is to promote ethical behavior in individuals, institutions, and nations through research, public discourse, and practical action.

Institute of Business Ethics (United Kingdom)
The Institute of Business Ethics (IBE) was established in 1986 to encourage high standards of corporate and business behaviour and the sharing of best practice.

integrityworks (International)
From its bases in the U.S. and Europe, integrityworks inc.  provides a full range of ethics, integrity and compliance services including consulting, internet and CD-ROM based training, seminars and speakers and interactive ethics case studies.

International Society of Business, Economics and Ethics (United States)
The International Society of Business, Economics, and Ethics (ISBEE) is the first world-wide professional association to focus exclusively on the study of business, economics, and ethics.

Lockheed Martin
Information about Lockheed Martin’s business ethics programs.

Merck & Co., Inc.
Information about the Merck & Co., Inc.’s business ethics programs.

Information about Motorola’s business ethics programs.

Nortel Networks
Information about Nortel Networks’ business ethics programs.

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (International) – Site in English and French
The OECD is an international organisation helping governments tackle the economic, social and governance challenges of a globalised economy.

Society for Business Ethics (United States)
The Society for Business Ethics (SBE) is an international organization of scholars engaged in the academic study of business ethics and others with interest in the field.

The Defense Industry Initiative on Business Ethics and Conduct (United States)
DII is a consortium of U.S. defense industry contractors which subscribes to a set of principles for achieving high standards of business ethics and conduct.

Transparency International (Colombian chapter– Site in Spanish only) 
The purpose of Transparency International (TI) is to curb corruption by mobilising a global coalition to promote and strengthen international and national Integrity Systems.

Transparency International (German chapter – Site in German only) 
The purpose of Transparency International (TI) is to curb corruption by mobilising a global coalition to promote and strengthen international and national Integrity Systems.

Transparency International (U.S. chapter)
The purpose of Transparency International (TI) is to curb corruption by mobilising a global coalition to promote and strengthen international and national Integrity Systems.

West African Network on Business Ethics (Nigeria)
The broad objective of WANETHICS is to join efforts in West Africa as a independent, academic and research group to study and promote ethical behaviour among businesses.

World Bank Institute
The World Bank Institute creates learning opportunities for countries, World Bank staff and clients, and people committed to poverty reduction and sustainable development. WBI’s work program includes training, policy consultations, and the creation and support of knowledge networks related to international economic and social development.

Zicklin Center for Business Ethics Research (United States: Wharton School of Business)
Our mission is to sponsor and disseminate leading edge research on critical topics of business ethics.