National and global surveys consistently have shown that the majority of employees, even those with sophisticated corporate resources at their disposal, often decide to do nothing when they become aware of misconduct. One of the toughest challenges that corporations face in encouraging employees to come forward with reports of wrongdoing is creating an open and non-retaliatory work environment. Yet little research or information has been available to corporations on how to create such environments.

The Institute took on this challenge a few years ago with a ground-breaking research project on how to create open and nonretailiatory workplace environments.  The research examined such questions as:

  •  What can organizations do to encourage employees to come forward with concerns of improper conduct within the organization?
  • Internationally, how can organizations overcome entrenched cultural biases against whistleblowing and should different approaches be used in different parts of the world?
  • What are the characteristics of effective helplines?
  • What type of training is most effective on this issue?
  • Are there cutting edge strategies that companies are employing to open up communications?

Based on our research, the Institute has created a number of resources to help organizations implement practical solutions to these challenges:

  • The Institute has worked with SAI Global to create an award winning e-learning program to help managers create open environments and also on how to handle reports of misconduct.  For information on this program, please see the video on our home page by clicking here.  For further information, or to order, please click here.
  • The Institute has worked with a number of leading multinationals to develop bespoke ‘Speak Up’ programs, including training and educstion seminars which have resulted in measurable impact.
  • The Institute partners with the Institute of Business Ethics to offer a Master Class in “Creating Speak Up Cultures.”  This seminar, open to the public, is held in London every Spring.  For more information, click here.

For the general findings of our research project on creating speak up cultures, please see our publications section. For additional information, please contact the Institute.